Brainscratchcomms is a commentary group consisting of Naryman214SomecallmejohnnyExandshadow, and Solarisparadox. Also, sometimes bringing in a guest commentator to join in the fun. The main group met over a Sonic FanFourm when Naryman asked Solaris to be in a group. Naryman then invited Johnny and made Brainscratchcomms. Later, they added Exandshadow to the group making it a four man band. Brainscratch has also been and inspired by and is a tribute of Hellfire Comms, another sucessfull commentary group. Most of the games they playthrough are classic games with some games from this generation of gaming. The group has also done some movie and tv show commentaries. The group usually join up over Skype and watch some of the raws they put up on their second channel, Brainscratch Archives. They also read top 100's by IGN and do impression videos on recent games that are annouced.