Turtles in Time - Part 1 90's A Go Go

Turtles in Time - Part 1 90's A Go Go

Besides being one of the Comms earliest commantaries which Ryan recorded, it also featured there first true guest, the "great" and "mighty" Spax3. Besides that, we have a beat'em up affair with the teenage mutant ninja turtles (well two of them) having to go and do hero related stuff like stop the bad guys. Truly, a plot of the ages.

Guest Commentators Edit

  • Spax3 (first let's play apperance)


  • During part 4,  near the end Ryan gets frozen (to the dismay of the other main commentators), prompting them all the say "I was frozen today!" in reference to the line "I was frozen today!". Spax decides however, to both shout it, repeat it, and manage to get the rest of the crew to become ligitimently annoyed and tell him to "Shut up!"