This is the only playthrough to not be complete until another game is released (however, we don't know if there will be an episode 3.) This is also the most recent game that the group has done so far. The group has already done Episodes I & II. The playthrough usually happens sometime after an epsiode has been released.

Guest CommentatorsEdit


  • Episode I begins with a Star Wars like intro that went through very many different scripts.
  • During the Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) commentary, Lewis asked Johnny to add a "PINGAS!" sound effect whenever he would hit a bumper in the Special Stage. Johnny, in his words, "Went and fucking did it".


  • This was FTA's debut as a guest commentator
  • The playthrough for Episode II stopped the Mega Man 8 Playthrough (which also has FTA. in it)
  • This is the only playthrough that has two versions of the first part, since the original first part was banned in several european countries due to the Star Wars music used in the intro.