Resident Evil 4 - Part 1 Survival Horror? What do you mean?10:11

Resident Evil 4 - Part 1 Survival Horror? What do you mean?

The Wii version by the way.  One of the longest games the team has done, 43 (or 44 if you count the bonus part) parts in total!  Johnny took his time to truly show off all the features the game has to offer.  By that I mean dicking around, Johnny has however mentioned how much fun he and the rest had making and recording the playthrough.  This shows as this contains pleny of hilirious moments that needs a seperate page to list.

Highlights Edit

  • Lewis makes a sonic reference in less than five minutes, though he isn't called out on this.
  • Part 15 is intitled "...Queef", that alone made the inner 8 year old in me chuckle. 
  • They bring in ExandShadow (Ted) in part 40 as a prank, Ted doesn't say much, but sticks around regardless

Guest CommantorsEdit

  • ExandShadow

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