Tetris GB
On April 21, 2011, the BrainScratch crew went up against the famous puzzle game that everyone has played. It also included the return of Lewis after awhile.


Tetris Part 1: And there was much rejoicing (There is only one part.)

Description: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


The PlaythroughEdit

"We're finally doing it." Most of the commentary consists of tangents and spectating over what's going on. Most if not all of the commentators say that either they love the game (Johnny calls it "The Shit"), or know someone who does (Clement says his mom loves the game.). This marks the return of Lewis after his computer had crashed. "Well, I guess I'm out of a job." They also talk about their longest games of Tetris with Ryan's going to 30 minutes. They also mention how Ryan hasn't sung the Brentalfloss version of the theme song saying he doesn't know it that well and it is a gift for Lewis returning. They say how Tetris is the most ported game next to Rayman 2. The part ends with Ted not making a Tetris and losing. "Life just sucks sometimes."