Michael Jackson's Moonkwalker Genesis
The BrainScratch Crew go up against the King of Pop himself in his video game based off of his movie of the same name.


Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Part 1: Yes, this is a thing.

Description: The BrainScratch Crew, along with Gareth, share their thoughts and opinions on Michael Jackson. The man may have passed away nearly 4 years ago, but he still lives in our hearts. For better, or worse. Oh right, there's a Sega Genesis game to talk about here. Well then, let's cha'mone and get this over with.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Part 2: The Rogue Michael Jackson Protocol

Description: Michael took the wrong turn on Albuquerque and ended up in a Graveyard and some Mountains, where being Michael Jackson is strictly prohibited.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Part 3: Joe Pesci's Last Stand

Description: After that detour that just so happened to contain more kids to rescue, Michael finally raids the base of Joe Pesci. Learning from his experiences from Home Alone, Mr. Pesci has booby-trapped his house in the hopes of inflicting serious injury on Michael. Will it Work?